Saturday, June 5, 2010

Metrocon Goldberg File

One of my favorite columnists is Jonah Goldberg, who is a Metrocon and writes for that Metrocon rag I quasi-rail against. One of his regular columns is called the Goldberg File, and is now only available if you signup to be emailed a copy. Here is a quote from one a few weeks ago.

"Defending Liberty, Fighting Zombies

But since we're on the theme of irrationality, one of the things I appreciate most about having an office at the American Enterprise Institute these days is that it is supremely defensible against zombie attack (NR's DC offices: not so much). The elevators can be turned off. There are thick, steel-gated fire doors on the stairs that block intruders from going up without a key. There are any number of locking or easily barricaded steel doors. There's a well-stocked kitchen and excellent roof access for helicopter evac, etc.

I still think a really well-stocked boat would be the best spot for long-term zombie avoidance, but if the zombie attack came on suddenly, you could do a lot worse than hunkering down at AEI. And, when the zombie menace finally abated, AEI could serve as the new provisional government (Brookings would have become a viscera buffet almost overnight. I can totally see E. J. Dionne leaving one of the emergency doors open just in case the gang from SEIU needed a place to hide.) "

And, from the Corner, his review, (and prepatory thoughts after,) of Zombieland:

It's good he's thinking through the worst case scenario, and addressing it with halfway decent strategems.

Note, very little gun content in his fight against zombies. Holing up in the proper bunker is a good idea, but he has no plan B if his perimeter is breached.

And that's ok. As long as he isn't hostile to the 2nd Amendment, and I don't remember him ever being so, he, and other metrocons are still not the enemy. He has an excuse or two. He is an urban/sub-urban type, mostly, and a good part of that in NY NY. His wife is a lawyer. He LIVES in the District of Columbia, fer criminy. Never served in the Military. What chance did he have to shoot in his life?

Just don't bring up his yearly car trips to Alaska to visit in-laws. And that's personal bidness and he may just as easily carry a S&W .500 for Brown Bear encounters and has never mentioned it for privacy purposes.

Heck, I may BE Jonah Goldberg and just use New Jovian Thunderbolt as a nom de plume so I can write about my shooting hobby and not scare my more staid journalist colleagues. [Don't believe a word he says! -The Couch.]

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