Monday, June 14, 2010

June Sig Work

So I just took the SIG P229 SAS DAK to the range. (The K part stands for Kellerman. As in Double Action Kellerman. I did not know that.) I am almost through the ammo can of Georgia Arms ammo.

Here is my standard cold shoot target with just one magazine at 7-8 yards:

Could be better, but not half bad. At least all 12 are on the paper and in the vicinity of the center.

I wanted to try some other things. Like this one:

The target on the left is one shot at a time. The target on the right is double taps. You can see the spread opening up, noticeably.

And here is something I rarely do:

That's 50+ feet. And there are 12 holes. If it was a full sized silhouette they'd all be one the silhouette. What made me do that? I was remembering the Mumbai shooting, where a photographer snapped a picture of 2 terrists with AKs with NO magazines in the rifle. If the photographer was shooting bullets instead of pictures, and was at my relatively low skill level, he could have ended that part of the massacre right there. It wouldn't have saved the day, but it would have saved someone's day.

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