Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cat In A Box

So someone (forget which) on my blog roll linked to this article about the so-called gun show loophole in Minnesota. As I’m reading it (a pretty fair treatment) the reporter, a neophyte shooter, is learning how to shoot a .22 and calls the pistol a Browning Buckback. I say to myself, “Ah, an honest mistake, I think. He probably means a Buckmark. That’s ok. I used to misspell Leupold all the time.”

Then another thought spring to mind, “Ya know, gunnies on the internet are such sticklers for accuracy to the point of being annoyingly so. And they can’t let something like that slide. I bet if I read the 23 comments at least one of them won’t be able to resist pointing out the error. It’s like putting an empty cardboard box in a room with a cat. Eventually that cat will have to sit in the box. We just can't help ourselves.”

Yup. 6th comment.

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