Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buddy Progress

My buddy Frozen showed me a target he shot with his newish bolt action Remington 700 in .308. A cloverleaf group or 5 about 3 inches above the bullseye right on the centerline. The range? 200 yards. Yowza. No buyer’s remorse there.

And My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast finally got himself an AR. Well, AR 15. He had an AR10. It’s a DPMS flattop. Before interacting with me he was all about 9mm Glocks and Ruger Mini-14s. I influenced him enough in my travails for him to re-evaluate his own inventory, and since I started this blog he has been wooed over to getting more .308 and .45 sized boomsticks. This new AR is to have a real AR. Plus the price was right and the wallet was fat.

One issue. MBtGE has lots of Mini-14 mags, and they, at first glance, look very much like regular ‘ol AR15 mags. But the two are NOT interchangeable. To not confuse matters in low light and in a hurry, he is going to purchase nothing but Magpul mags for the new rifle. A good plan, methinks.

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