Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top Shot

So I saw Top Shot on Hulu. Probably less commercials that way, and it's not on after my beddy-bye time.

~spoiler follows~

So the red team had issues with the rifle right out of the gate, with Ian [correction: Mike] missing 30 or so shots with the 03. Dunno why, as he is supposedly experienced, but it still could have been nerves. He may have shot a lot of competition, but this might be the first time he knew he'd shoot a competition on the TeeVee for all the world.

Had I been on the red team, and when it came to voting for someone off to the elimination challenge, I would not have voted for him.

That's because I would have voted for the second person that was chosen for the elimination challenge: Kelly. He was young, but very experienced with rifles. I think another competitor brought up that there might not be any other long range rifle work on the show, so Kelly might have been weak on other episodes when they had to shoot other stuff. That said, I had a good feeling he could also beat Ian [correction: Mike] in the challenge and it would be a good way for the kid to earn his bones. He talked a big game, but I sensed he was a bit intimidated being the least experienced there. How? Because he kept saying he wasn't intimidate by being the least experienced there. Over and over. But me voting for him wouldn't reflect on him otherwise. Unless I lived there and found the boy was lactose intolerant and excessively flatulent. Seriously, every time he was in that house he was shoving dairy down his gullet. If that made him gassy... I'd vote against him every time.

So it turned out my first and second my choices were the ones picked and the kid won. Good on him. But if you poot in the kitchen again, kid...

Now If I was selected to compete... Well, let's say I'd hope for the M14 at 50 yards if I wanted to contribute. Though I might get lucky shooting it 100 yards. Plus I'd do best at the mud pit obstacle before hand. If I had to guess I'd think everyone in that house could kick my ass in my strongest event.

Beretta next week. Caleb will do well I bet. They had to shoot what looks like lightbulbs down terlet paper tubes. You've seen my targets, right? Yeah, I'd have to be lucky to get past week 2, were I there. I don't group terlet paper tube size groups except maybe with a .22.


Unknown said...

It wasn't Iain, it was Mike Seeklander. Iain is on the Blue Team.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

thanks for the correction.