Thursday, June 24, 2010

.22 Do

I took.22 pistols to the range this last time.

Because of the snubbie entering the rotation I have become more interested in shooting Double Action. Well the 2 guns was my Springfield 1911 with a .22 conversion kit on top, and the S&W 617. The 1911 is SA only, but you can choose either SA or DA for the revolver, naturally.

So I have 2 targets for you. The first is both SA:

Notice the grouping regions. The revolver target on the left is a bit high and right. While the 1911 on the right shoots in that familiar-for-me low right area. Hmm. I notice when I am 'on' with SA revolver it hits the centerline, and high. I think I need to hold the aimpoint a little lower. Or adjust the sights down a click.

Now on this target all the left hand targets are Double Action revolver glory, and the group opens up some, as you'd expect:

For the cost conscious, I went through 150 rounds of .22. I am a member of the range so no charge for a session there, and I am getting my money's worth going weekly of late. I bought the paper targets a couple years back as a bulk purchase from MidwayUSA and there are still a lot left. I have to staple a piece of cardboard to attach the target to the trolley, but the cost of 4 staples is negligible. Especially when you swipe staples from work... The most expensive item I used for the hour at the range was probably the 4 self-stick Shoot N See splatter targets. Heh.

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