Saturday, June 12, 2010


And the Carry Ain’t Easy...

Upon acquiring the snubbie I finally had a proper carrying pocket pistol. And I took to carrying it whenever allowed. Most of the time, that meant in my house, unless I went to Virginia. I am vulnerable in public in Maryland, but in the unlikely event something happened at home I’d have a means at hand. When I showered it was within reach on a shelf, and when I was in bed it was on the nightstand. The rest of the time it was in a holster in my pants or jeans pocket. I got into a proper habit and hardly noticed it was there. I was very satisfied with the arrangement. And practicing at home I thought would be valuable for more natural look when I can carry in public. Mission accomplished.

But now, it is summer. And I am wearing shorts. About half my shorts have a pocket either too small or nonexistent. And with just elastic to hold them up they wouldn’t work even if the pocket was big enough. Unsatisfactory. I am falling out of the habit of having the snubbie in arms reach.
I really need short pants WITH a belt to do this properly. Garments of this variety in my home number exactly 2. And one of these is kinda small in the pocket department. Usable, but not ideal.

So now I am trying to think of something for around the house when the proper short pants are in the laundry. Hmmm, maybe a necklace holster.

Thunderwear type holster would be a bit too intrusive, I think, and defeat the ease and convenience of a pocket pistol around the house. At least for my situation.

I saw this at a gunshow a few times, and maybe it would work. I don’t know what I’d put in the pager holder as I have no cellphone of my own. If I still smoked it could hold cigarettes, maybe.

Another remedy is buying more shorts that are appropriate. And there are lots to choose from. Even some of those tactical pants that are all the rage lately on the gun blogs.


Paladin said...

I can sympathize, since concealed carry in Texas heat can be a challenge too. I'm not a shorts wearer - but I was going to recommend the tactical/cargo shorts with a belt. They seem to have large enough pockets. That, or an IWB holster with a loose shirt untucked.

I carry pretty much all the time around the house too. Didn't used to, but recent events in the news convinced me that I'm not necessarily safe just 'cuz I'm at the homeplace. I never thought I would carry a gun while working outside in the yard but I sure do now.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

AH. Strapped while mowing the lawn. I do not relish the concept. Legally, I might be able to, but I'm not rushing to that.

And if MD changed it's laws to Vermont carry today and there was no question of legality? Ugh. Then a decision will have to be made.

George said...

I'm with Paladin. CARGO SHORTS. I live in Phoenix, and 3/4 of the year, this is an issue. Failing a pocket holster (i.e. Kramer) a nice, IWB, Wilderness belt, cargo shorts, and suare cut overshirt (Aloha?). Not high fashion, but, does the job.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The short the work, the ones with a belt, are indeed, cargo shorts.

Careful, some cargo shorts have small front pockets, and moving the pistol to the lower pocket is less handy.

Arthur said...

My Kahr P380 fits just fine in all of the cargo shorts I have.

It's the back pockets that seem to be on the short side.

Unknown said...

As a Phoenix resident, my go to shorts most of the year are from, of all people, Dockers. They are cargo shorts, with belt loops, and the front pockets are easily deep enough for my Smith 642 in a Galco pocket holster. The pairs I have (I bought several when I realized how deep the front picket was) also have a small zippered pocket on the right leg that allows me to carry a Surefire e1 flashlight. The newer models don't have this zippered pocket, but I was out and picked up a couple pairs of the new ones for color variety and the pockets are just as deep. I have been looking at the tag but can't find a style number. I bought them from Macy's if that helps.

Ritchie said...

Columbia shorts have pockets inside pockets, which works fine for obscuring items in the outside pockets. "Is that a copy of 'Common Sense' in your pocket, or are you just some kind of innectual?" And belt loops.