Friday, June 25, 2010

XD vs Glock

People that shoot a lot and try a Glock like the Glock and shoot it well.

People new to shooting and try an XD prefer the XD over a Glock.

As the neophytes get more experienced do they switch preferences? How the heck should I know? The original 2 assertions were anecdotal (read: out of my butt...) anyway. Do you get where I am going? "So you say you've been shooting all your life and have tried everything and are buying your first polymer? Glock, right?" and I am. But take a person to a range to try a few things including a Glock and an XD and they end up shooting the XD better and liking it otherwise.

And, since I am my favorite anecdotal evidence, I must be still a neophyte. I like the XD.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? The exact opposite?



Boat Guy said...

I'm not a neophyte; I'm a serious student of some years ("old guy" to some). I "grew up" on a 1911, transitioned to 9mm (SIG P226 in my case) thence to Beretta ("Joint" in our case really meant "Army") then to Glock (briefly). In the interim I shot any number of Glocks from tiny 10mm's to "full size" 9mms and .40's "compensated" and not. I've even shot a couple of Glocks that actually had good triggers.
I bought XD's in .45 for my southpaw Bride at the recommendation of Heidi Smith (Thunder Ranch). Tried one of them and was IMMEDIATELY impressed. So much so that I carry one nearly every day.

Old NFO said...

I started out on revolvers, went to 1911's in the military, then bought my first Glock in 1987. I've still got it, and a couple of 1911s too. I've tried XDs before and after they became XDs and I can't shoot them worth a damn... I cannot get NPOA with them at all. I have the same issue with S&W M&Ps interestingly, both of them point high, right for me.

Newbius said...

NFO, Concur on the standard XD-45. XDm-45 is a different beast, and NPOA for me is perfect with grip insert #3. When I acquire mine, I will let you play with it.

Crucis said...

I've shot a Glock. I even had a G-19 for a while. I also have 1911s and revolvers, but something about the Glock just didn't click. I finally traded it off on an S&W M&P9C. That works for me. Glocks don't.

But, if I had to grab one to defend myself, I'd fill my hand with a wheel gun.

lordjim said...

I "grew up" shooting wheelies, mainly .22lr and .38 Special Smiths. My dad got an early G17. I think he said "17+1?! I'll take it." I shoot all of the Glock models 9/40/45 about the same, quite well enough for social purposes. I've tried a full sized XD in 9 and while I shot it as well as the Glocks it just didn't feel right.

I'll agree with Crucis. If I'm grabbing a handgun to defend myself, I'm grabbing my .38.

Arthur said...

Sig's are the guns that fit my hands and point most naturally for me. I shoot 1911's just fine in slow fire, but the grip just feels too small for quick shots.
I can't hit the broad side of a barn with glocks slow shots or fast, dunno why.

Haven't had a chance to shoot any XD's yet.

NMM1AFan said...

The opposite. Started out with Browning High Powers, bought a Glock at a friend's recommendation, didn't like it. Just recently bought a subcompact XD, like it a lot.

Jerome said...

I came up shooting 1911s. The grip angle and grip safety on the XD are what drew me to it in the first place. It's what I was used to. Nothing against Glocks. They're reliable, but not comfortable for me.

When the Zeds come, I'd rather have JMB on my side.