Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1911: How it's made...

Youtube is a great source of knowledge.  It's a great source of... other things... too.  But the comments?  Gah!  Some samples of comments:

There's nothing "ultra premium" looking about these.  "See the file marks" no, on a 2k minimum gun I don't want to see the god damn file marks.  We get it, you make all your shit too big so you can make it smaller by hand.  No sale.

I don't believe a human hand out performs a precision CNC machine. It doesn't make sense at all to oversize build all the parts and hand file down. Simple task, hand draw a straight line and see if it's flatter than one done by a machine. Not worth the price tag in my opinion. All I hear is over size and file.

so a week of work and 900$ in parts equals 5,000$?

Hone, Lap and polish-- NOT FILE.......I have fit many slides for comp. shooters. HONE, LAP AND POLISH. Very rare to file for fit-----No go for this 1911

Still filing? I would think we would be able to write a computer program for the machinist. Too much pretty cosmetics on his guns. $2000 still reasonable I paid in OZ $500 for a Gold Cup around 1980.

You should probably never read the comments on youtube.


Some better comments.  Or at least commenters that sorta understand the question.

I was not impressed!   Not at all.   No mention about lower barrel lug lockup or how he does it.   No mention about equal contact on sear face from hammer hooks,, just he calibrates it at 3 lbs,   So what he flat tops a slide, that's not custom work!   So what he fits the thumb safety and grip safety!   That's expected!!!!    Even from a low budget factory gun! Custom gun my ass....   

Can your pistols shoot 1 inch groups at 50 yards?

Still not worth it to read the comments


Unknown said...

Is it just me, or are too many 07FFL thinking that their ATF marking variance is an excuse to inflate the origins and construction of their frame and slide kits? The pistolsmith at the linked video appears to be using remarked STI products, although the level of deception seems to be more pronounced amongst 07FFL using remarked Caspians.

However, one things the critics are missing about oversized parts is that the parts are typically sold separately for fitting to existing pistols that have tolerances all over the map.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I wouldn't hesitate, now, to base a build off an Armscor frame from an existing pistol. They are fine for the project. That said, I am looking forward to building, in class, a 1911 from a Caspian. Isn't STI frames a bit more pricey for the job?

Bradley said...

I love the hell out of my two Rock Island Armoury(part of Armscor(or is it the other way around?)). They are sub $500 bone stock 1911A1 one in 45acp and one in 38super, but just run all day long, and shoot damn good.