Friday, May 29, 2015

They aren't stupid

They are evil.

They know what they are doing.  They are just lying to us.  To the public.  They think other people are stupid and will swallow their lies.

Who?  Mom's Demand types.  "The thing in Waco happened because of the recently passed Open Carry law in Texas!  We TOLD you!"

We point and laugh because OC, while passed, isn't in effect yet.   Ha ha!  They are SO dumb.

They aren't dumb.  They are counting on this message getting to low information voters that don't know either way and assume it is true.  And it reinforces their allies that already want to ban guns with another talking point and will use the lie over and over again as a buttress to their argument.  And this little blog point out their perfidy is just a push broom trying to keep back the tide. But sweep away, I do.

I am gonna stop pretending the other side is simply dumb and just recognize them as evil, more, tho.

(They are the 3 Ds.  Dumb Dishonest or Delusional.  Or a combination.)

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