Monday, May 11, 2015

My original 1911

It has some flaws.  It could use a new barrel, and the slide can't be tightened down.

The frame is fine.  It'd make a good base from there.

Or I could just leave my .22 conversion kit on it full time.  It fits it just fine.  At least until I get around to mating a new frame and barrel to the slide.

If I did that, I'd love to match the parkerized finish.  At least somewhat.  I like that finish.  If the gun isn't stainless, I'd want parkerized.  Why?  Low maintenance on a user pistol.  A really nicely blued or case hardened finish is pretty, but I'd worry about mussing up either.

How hard can parkerizing be?  Do I really need to sand/bead blast the parts to fully degrease them?

Gonna need to so a LOT more research on that before daring to put a slide I worked hard on in an acid bath....


Bob said...

You can get familiar with parkerizing by using the process on knife blades - - a man who can do his own 1911 work would have no problem making knives from kits.

abnormalist said...

Your stainless comment rings true to me. I've been making a point of buying everything that I can in stainless just so I don't have to worry about it. Lever gun? Yep, stainless R92 ffrom rossi in 44 mag. AR15? Yeah stainless barrel. Bolt rifle? Rem 700 SPS stainless (30-06).
Now sure, something just come blued. never seen an Italian O/U in stainless, but since its not a working gun per se, I can live with blued/case hardened