Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ima Lefty, but

Yer standard "I vote Democrat but I have a gun of my own" article.  You get these now and again.  I guess 'blue' readers find it edgy.  Better than coming out as a Petting Zoo Flasher. 

It's nice to see the 'but' in the other chair, sometimes.  As in, Ima Obama voter, but... I have a gun.  It's usually I'm a gun owner, but...

Why is she a liberal AND a gun owner?  She doesn't live in the best part of Dallas, her place has been burglarized multiple times.

With one thing that confused me in the article:

Here’s the truth about guns that no one, on either side of the debate, wants to tell you: shooting them is fun. I’m a bleeding-hearted, left-leaning liberal and I get a cheap, easy thrill out of shooting my little .38 caliber pistol.

What are you talking about?  NO ONE on our side, the right side, of the debate talks about enjoying shooting?  Heck I like to shoot and I end up spending a lot of time telling other shooters, ''enough already!  I get it!  Shooting is hella fun!  I understood your enthusiasm 3 hours ago, affirmed my enjoyment and agree.  You won the case Perry Mason, let the jury go to lunch!  Change the subject, Reverend, the rest of the congregation came here to sing hymms and hear you talk about the the Lord, not your tack driver.''  Try getting em to shut up, Lefty.

Our side of the debate watches OTHER people shoot on television, like it was golf or fishing shows.

She doesn't quite grok the whole defend yourself thing, fully, though, does she.  I'm not saying it is wrong for her to have a gun.  No.  That's her bidness.  But reading her confession here makes me want to offer advice, if asked, that she think through the problem a little bit more.  I know where her head is at, my head was sorta there at one time, maybe ponder through a few more steps about mindset and whatnot.


You can't tell ME what to do, T-Bolt!

Alright, alright.  Do as you will.

Now for more unsolicitted advice and criticism and observation.  

  • She has the "give the little lady a .38 snub revolver" and set her loose scenario. Meh, it's a gunstore trope and there are lots of minuses associated with it, but there are some pluses too.  It's butt simple to run. 
  • Now the most valuable thing she leaves in the house is the pistol.  
  • The burglars know where that hiding place is, too.
  • Probably not a good idea to get a gun because of fear or anger.  Well that can be a start but like i mentioned keep thinking the problem through.
  • Unloaded gun not much use.  Especially since it sounds like you live alone with no rugrats about.
  • You and me both need to train and practice more, Lady.
  • Don't shoot the drunken roommate coming home at 2AM in your new place.

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