Friday, May 22, 2015


Yes, this

I've noticed this.  Non sequitir out of nowhere, people that aren't gunnies professing to speak for gunnies, know their mind, and say Whites don't think Blacks have 2nd Amendment rights?


Where is THAT coming from?  It's not in my experience.  Even the few racists I've run into don't profess the Amendments are a whites-only proposition.  It's not like they'd hide that idea either, if they are willing to be openly racist what would stop them from voicing this detail? 

Personally, I don't think black people should have a gun.  I think they should have three. A rifle a shotgun and a pistol.  Yer typical 3 gun system.  Well, 6.  A 3 gun system and a spare backup.  Not counting .22s.  Which should be as common as pepper shakers.  Ok, 4.  A 2 gun system and a spare, handgun and something long.   Wait.   Not everyone has been as fortunate as me with work.  2.  A gun and a spare.  Not necessarily a duplicate either.  Plus maybe a .22.  If you can afford 1, you are pretty close to affording a spare.  So my final answer is 2.  Applies to all people, too.

I don't think white criminals should have guns any more than I think black criminals should have guns, true.  White thug crank dealers with felony records in the exurbs are prohibitted people.  Just like urban African American street retailers of unofficial pharmaceuticals with felony records are prohibitted people.   (After full adjudication of course.)

[ Fix the criminal justice system maybe.  Make people that are now prohibited NOT be prohibited if they served their time, paid their debt and aren't what they once were, but that's a whole 'nother conversation. ]

An opportunity was wasted by the so called black community.  They had the chance to ally with a big faction of the Right over police doctrine/dogma reform.  Gun owning conservative libertarians aren't happy with high handed police tactics and the proliferation of dynamic warrant service either.  No one wants to eliminate for truly dangerous perpetrators and hostage situation, but c'mon...  dial it back from 11 to less than 1.  And post detention physical abuse of detainees makes us uncomfortable, too.   The two disparate groups could have come together and maybe got something done on this.  It would have been good for both sides.  They chose a more familiar groove.  So be it.  Maybe next time.


Wait.   Maybe there ARE white people that think the Amendments don't apply to black folks.  For real.  Now that I think about it.  And those white people are Democrats in Gun Crow states.  That makes more sense.   And the assumption is if the white Democrats think the 2nd isn't for black people, then all white people think that.   It's the wrong assumption with large swaths on the right side of the political aisle, I can assure you.

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