Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hydro Shocks!

I used to be that guy.  Tam talks about it.

I'd STILL be that guy if it weren't for blogs and folks like Tam and me keeping my ears and mind open.

You know there are better options out there, T-Bolt?

Oh?  Go on.

I'd love a link to a no-BS piece on the various manufacturers and styles of self-defense ammo by someone more knowledgeable on it than me that isn't trying to sell me something.

Well, T-Bolt, you could always google 'what is the best self defense round' and get a good answer, right?

Do that.  I dare you.  I double dare you.

And what of the lowly .38+P?  Federal HST doesn't come in that flavor.  Been loading Buffalo Bore 158gr SWCHPs in the cylinder with Hydra Shok in the speed strip because they are copper clad and don't get mussed in the pocket like lead.  But I am not married to that harebrained scheme.

Are you sure it isn't 'hair brained' T-Bolt?

Yeah, pretty sure.

And what the heck is the difference in the Federal HST boxes.  One comes in 20 round packs that are clear plastic and fancy like they were selling you an engagement ring almost.  And you can get a 50 round box sometimes that says HST and costs a lot less per round...  What gives?


Tam said...

135gr +P GDHP

B said...

And IIRC Wasn't it HydrA shock?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

No, it was never Hydra Shock.

Tam said...