Sunday, May 31, 2015

Waco AAR

Hey, I haven't heard...  How many of those nine Outlaw Biker Thugs that died, some shot to death, at Twin Peaks in Waco were shot by gun toting bikers, killed by other weapons by bikers, or shot by police?  

Stories on these details have been sparse and OBE.


Murphy's Law said...

Do you know how long it's going to take to reconstruct that scene, with that many shooters, that many shots fired, and that many weapons to test? But in the end, every one of those guys who winds up in the dirt is a good thing, regardless of who fired the shots.

B said...

Each of "those guys" has the same right to due process as you or I.

Once you fail to adhere to the rule of law, you are no better than them.

You, Murph, appear smarter in person than your statement above might make you seem.

Murphy's Law said...

Sure they had a right to due process. But when they shot each other--or pointed weapons at police officers--they essentially waived that right. Lest ye forget, responding police officers also have rights, including the right to use deadly force when confronted by deadly force. But of course at this point, we don't know who killed who yet, so the usual suspects who just blindly rant about the police with no evidence or any wrongdoing whatsoever are the ones that look somewhat less than smart at this time.

That said, I still don't miss lifestyle criminals when they die, and that hold true be they urban bangers, illegal latino dopers, prison gang members or outlaw bikers. Flush 'em all for all I care; they made the choice to live that life.