Saturday, May 23, 2015


Quality is suffering around here.  My already loose attention to detail is getting looser.  Not spending as much time per post.  Maybe it's just a phase.  Maybe it's a brain tumor.

It's notta tumah, T-Bolt!

Ok, ok.

Saw an interesting .38.  It was an old blue S&W model 10 turn in from some police agency.  The gunsmith cut it down and put a ball detent, in frame to lock the yoke in, above that serial number.  So a snubbie is made but with a full length ejector rod.  Which is nice.  One of the flaws of the snubbie.  A 2 inch barrel means less shell ejection capability.  Addressed with this scheme.  A dovetail was cut for the sight, too, and, of course, a trigger tune up.  It was nice.  The custom work made it a bit expensive for the average snubbie buyer, yet...

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Unknown said...

The ball detent in the yoke has been a common trick amongst PPC 'smiths for decades. Ron Power credited the late Fred Schmidt as being the first to do it, and Fred passed away in 1986.