Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The combination of Valkyrie replaying on the Teevee and people get their hands done blowed off by their bullpup 12 gauge.

Well, now you can play Stauffenberg in your WWII historical recreation cosplay group.  Be the bad guy Germans by also being one of the good guy Germans.

They show some pistol technique, on film, in that movie.  How to cock a semi auto Walther PPK when you only got one hand.  So double gun content.  I'd show a clip, but there are none from the movie and youtube has a lot of...  not Tom Cruise showing the technique.  It's simple enough.  Push the slide up by the muzzle against the corner of the desk but without interfering with the barrel itself.  There is a picture still of the procedure from the movie here.  IMFDB


Glenn B said...

In an emergency, if a desk isn't handy, you can use your belt, holster, heel of your shoe, maybe even the fabric of your pants - or in other words a vast array of things more handy than a desk - especially if you are outdoors. No need to engage the slide at the muzzle end, if the gun has a rear sight, and probably safer to use the rear sight. Note the all important position of the booger picking finger when performing the technique - off of the trigger and outside the trigger guard. I think these techniques are best learned by being taught by a certified instructor.

All the best,
Glenn B

David said...

Yeah, but good luck ever running that KSG again with one good paw...