Saturday, May 2, 2015

Riot deaths

Hey, didja notice not so many people have died in this generational outburst of rioting?

Every coupla dozen years or so there seem to be riots.  Look at the Rodney King stuff a generation ago, and the '68 riots a generation before that.

The current dust up might not be complete yet, but so far... Not as many people got dead compared to the 90s.  And that dust up wasn't as rough as the 60s.

Homicide IS trending down.  All over.  And we can't take credit for that by saying "because CCW!"

I wonder why...  Change in cop culture and the pols that control them tolerate less head bashing?  Fewer Bolshi agitators willing to use murder to promote revolution?

What about the generation before 68?  What were the riots like then.  Buddy the whole world was rioting.  That was WWII and Korea.

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