Friday, May 15, 2015

Range time

So I got to the range to try out the new snubbie triggers.  They are marginally better, yes.  A definite perceptive improvement.  I, on the other hand, need more practice.  Front sight, commit to the DA trigger, go.  Seems to work best.  If I am screwing up the shot be sure my finger isn't all over the place on the trigger placement. 

The target is embarrassing... 

One thing I noticed.  Lot of couples at the range.  Fun there in sort of a non-date date, I think.  Having fun.  Of the 8 open lanes at the range on a Monday afternoon, 4 of them had male-female shooting pairs.  The other lanes were solo middle aged dudes like me. 

And this isn't the only time.  It seems to be a long term trend. 

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