Thursday, May 14, 2015

Trigger Job, what it's like

Talking back to the work we did on the last 1911 gunsmith school day...

OH MY GAWD, my eyes seem old.  I can't see the variation that the instructor sees, after filing on the trigger bits.  I am not sure I would with an magnifying light.

The imperceptible pressures you apply to the stone to favor one side over the other is so finicky.  The fact the pin hole through the hammer or sear could be just a hair off square or the holes in the frame they go into can be...  Now you gotta stone the parts to compensate for that, again with imperceptible pressures favoring one side over the other.

Ok, you do a job like that on the hammer hooks.  Before assembly you need to bevel the edge to eliminate any wire burr.  A single light swipe.  No look at this new facet.  It must not be thicker on one end over the other or you favored one side over the other and it isn't even.  The problem is that bevel is thinner than the finest human hair.  Much thinner.  And my eyes are old and tired in a room lit with fluorescents.

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