Wednesday, May 20, 2015


DC is 'Shall Issue' CCW.  Again.

You don't need a reason to carry a gun.  You just need to not be a dirtbag in the eyes of the law and fill out the forms and submit the fee.

I still never thought DC would be Shall Issue while Maryland next door was still May Issue.  Crazy world.  Soon.  Soon Maryland will get yoked kicking and screaming into dumping their old anti-civil-rights regime.  I am confident. 

Hopefully we'll get it before you people elect O'Malley president, now that Hillary is imploding.  O'Malley HAS to be preznit, he has the best abs of the group. 


And:  Thank you Alan Gura.  

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Don't get your hopes up yet. You KNOW that this is just a "Skirmish Win" in the On-Going War. After all, the DC Gooberment HAS to try and Destroy the RKBA for its Citizens, and they will use TAX DOLLARS to fight it all the way up to SCOTUS. AGAIN!

After all, if the "Peasant Class" should actually be able to ARM themselves in DC, why, they might actually be able to regain some Freedoms from their Lords and Masters!