Saturday, September 17, 2016

A different kind of rut

A training rut.

Look at those fliers?  What is going on?

Seem to have plateaued a bit.  The groups get wider, the right bias is still there or worse, those fliers.  I think I need to get another live-fire session with the So-To-Speak-Sensei.    October 1.

I talked to him about this.  Just described what you see above, no pictures or anything.  He said, "Are you pinning the trigger all the way back before releasing to reset."

I admitted that I wasn't even considering the pin all the way back part.  Just the reset bit.

"Hmmm.  Try pinning it back."

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Windy Wilson said...

An expert who is a great teacher not only can shoot well, but can visualize the process so as to be able to communicate how to shoot better to another.
for your Sensei to be able to do this without a picture is something like in Shogun where the Japanese archery master shoots an arrow through the paper of the house to a specific post out in the garden.