Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blog Fodder

"I need blog fodder"

"Why doncha do 'What Rifle Would Aragorn Use' as a meme?  People like LOTR crossover stuff.  Maybe he'd be more of a shotty type, and Legolas would have the sniper rifle.  Gandalf would be all about Molotov cocktails..."

Stop!  Just stop!  I can't use that.  I'd be laughed out of the Loyal Order of Gunbloggers Guild if I did that. 

We call our group LOGG for short.  It's not a blogging group with a drinking problem, it's more of a drinking group with a blogging problem.  We end up leaving the pub after a few and go, "Well, I better get home and LOGG-blog for tomorrow" or "I need to squeeze out another LOGG for my fans to consume."  And then the other entice you to stay with just one more.  And the next day you get this for a blog post.

But Aragorn's rifle?  Just awful.  


JC said...

Obviously, he carried his ancestral Mosin Nagant.

Mike V. said...

He was a Man Of The West. Seems a Sharps "Big 50" might be appropriate