Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ecological Disaster

Feral cats are an ecological disaster and all cats should be locked up indoors?

Or... maybe... cats fill an important role since we eliminated normal, wild, predators from civilization centuries ago.  If only housecats could take down whitetail deer, too, but without preying on any smaller humans.

I think worrying about it one way or another is standard buttinsky control-everything-impulse, histrionics.   Lighten up, Francis.

"Kill all stray cats and keep the rest indoors" 

Maybe we should kill all stray busybodies and keep the rest indoors?


Old NFO said...

Problem is feral cats often end up with Rabies... NOT good... And packs of feral cats and dogs WILL attack just about anything. I learned to shoot rifles shooting at feral cats and dogs in Arkansas and Texas growing up. There used to be a $2 bounty on dead feral dogs back in the 60s.

Windy Wilson said...

There's the risk that no one would want the stray busybodies in their homes and all of them would be outside. Then there wouldn't be any.

Wait -- that isn't a bad result.

Rich P said...

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