Saturday, September 24, 2016

Where did this come from?

I've heard it many times for a long time, from many sources.  It feels older than gun fora.  As common as "stopping power" and "combat accuracy" and calling a magazine a clip.

How long have folks been losing their gun collection is boating accidents?

Yes yes, I get it, something to defy the ATF with when they want to register all your guns and you tell them you ain't got none.  Is it older than the ATF?  1968?

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jon spencer said...

Some of us live in states where you can sell or buy a gun from someone who is not a dealer and then not be required to file any paperwork with any government entity.
Now, the original FFL seller's records know the first purchaser, but from then on the trail goes faint.
Other than "Class 3's", AOW's and handguns, those still require reporting.
Then there are the unreported ones that are packed away somewhere else.