Friday, September 2, 2016

Smiff 'n Wesson

I admit, I don't know the difference between and M&P and an M&P Shield.  Every time I see a reference to the Shield, I think, "what is that when it's at home?" but can't be arsed enough to find out and no one smarter is around to ask.  If I was gun shopping for an M&P and purchase was imminent I'd have arsed.  I wasn't. 

Well, now I am working up the gumption.  About time.  Out of curiosity and need for blog fodder.


Now I would go to SMith and Wesson itself, but while good for what it is, they censor stuff that goes to my state, and it is really just a slick ad copy and not super informative.  Wiki will have to do.

Ah.  I half suspected that.  It's like the XD-slim.  A single stack offering in a smaller and slimmer gun.  Aiming at the CCW market.  Good, good, I like that concept.  There was a time I'd have the wants for a single stack polymer.  Greater wants.  But for single stack I'll just stick to the 1911s I have poured so much blood and sweat into learning all that great fun stuff about gunsmithing.

The regular M&P still appeals.  If I ever get around to getting a polymer gun.  Plus the .45 version won't have gimped magazines in my state. 

Ugh.  I need to move.

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Comrade Misfit said...

I have a polymer gun. One built by real Germans, not that Austrian schlockmeister.

I hardly ever carry it. Plastic guns have no soul. They offend the shade of John Moses Browning (may peace be upon him).