Friday, September 9, 2016


So, in this dream, I was back working at the brewery.  And happy.  Things were going well.  And this guy worked for me.

John Berthal.  And as his character in Fury.  Not Walking Dead.  Not Daredevil.  Grady.

Since he was Grady, he wasn't well educated and was trying to get his GED.  He asked me if I could help him solve a math problem, and show him how.  And the math problem was this:

     2          =  7
 4 + 13t

Obviously, I remembered the math problem when I woke up.  I struggled with it in the dream, but felt I was close.  And then I really struggled with it when I was awake.  Algebra is no longer a strong suit.  It took me hours, and really bugged me that it did.

First I was 2/4 + 2/13t = 7, but that isn't right.  Eventually I moved the whole denominator over.

2 = 7(4 + 13t)
2 = 28 + 91t
-26 = 91t
-26/91 = t

And that works out:

     2                    =  7
 4 - 13(26/91)

Maybe I need to take some refresher courses.  I don't like losing old skills.  I mean, Calculus is long gone, but I'd like to hold onto some algebra.


Timmeehh said...

Windy Wilson said...

Hmmmm I got a negative number, .28571.

I think every teacher I ever had, from fourth grade when they introduced multiplication tables through Mrs. Cope in ninth grade and Mrs. Swickard in 11th grade would be amazed.

ASM826 said...


You are correct. So is our blog host. T=-26/91 which also =-.28571

Windy Wilson said...

Thanks, ASM826, but I still really really want to show my math teachers, at whatever nursing homes they are in how I can figure that formula out, AND figure the tip for a meal in my head.