Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Range Trip

Yeah.  In a rut.  Another contributor is I am burning through some cheapy Remington bulk pack .22.

I have enough bulk .22lr.  This was an open container.  The other will stay sealed, and I will shoot CCI mini-max.  I like that better.

But let's not rely on the crutch of bad ammo and say this is on me.  Live fire training on Saturday, maybe I will tune it up.

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Windy Wilson said...

My friends and I call the Remington Thunderbolts, Thunderturds.
Unfortunately I have over 2000 rounds of it as I got a heck of a deal way back when. They won't feed in my Buckmark (I thought I had a bunch of bad mags, but as it turned out, only one, but the pistol really hated Thunderturds. My Savage Mk 1 will feed them, but puts them down range like it doesn't care where on the target they go. Minute of dessert plate becomes minute of serving platter.