Saturday, September 17, 2016


Donald Trump Again Alludes to Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Really?  I don't think he alludes to specific violence.  Or even generic violence towards anyone.  Bit of a stretch, media trying to change the subject away from Hillary's Obama-Birtherism.  Sad.

It's true that Hillary wants to ban an confiscate your firearms.  That's a fact.  It's also true that Hillary will enjoy 24/7 expert firearm-wielding bodyguard protection until she dies.  Fact.  She wouldn't like it if that protection went away just like I wouldn't like it if I didn't have the best chance to defend myself all by my lonesome.

Liberal contacts on Facebook are up in arms but they can't even grok the concept from anyplace but their narrow worldview.  I can see their point, but my point may as well be invisible.  It's like we are two very different peoples.

"We should get rid of all guns!"

"Maybe you should get rid of yours first?"

"Are you THREATENING to assassinate me?"

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