Thursday, September 1, 2016

Monday Bupkis

On a Thursday?  Odd.

To help out the tourist industry at Ocean City, give AC-less schools in Bawlmer a break, and trying to make the whole state consistent, our beloved by everybody Republican governor has mandate that school start the day after Labor Day, like it should, and end no later than June 15th.

Governor Hogan.  Hogan is our Hero.

"But how will they cram 180 school days in that way, T-Bolt?"

By cutting all the Margarita Mondays the teachers have during the school year, mainly.   You get the whole summer off!  Work on your alcoholism then.  You unions have done enough damage, time to reverse that.

But some traditions need to be revived and are precious.  We need to kill Daylight Savings next.  Madness. 

I remember all my elementary school teachers' names.  And some of the backup teachers.   I find many people don't remember.

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