Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte Riots

"Spark self defense gun buying spree"

Well, of course they do.  Near Charlotte and also elsewhere.  Might be a slightly higher rate the closer to the action.

1968 got my dad, a man not too excited about guns and people having guns, to buy a gun.  There was a run in 1993.  Even late unpleasantness in France and Germany has people doing as much as they can to arm up, there.

It happens.

But what will it do apart from put money in FFL registers?  Will it impact the election?  Will it hurt Hillary's chances in that swing state of North Carolina, since she is pretty feckless on the topic?  Will the new gun owner vote for the person that wants to abolish the Second Amendment and take their guns?  (Hillary keeps saying she doesn't want to do that, when clearly she said she does.)

We can only hope.  If Trump wins and the Left starts reflecting and going "ya know being against guns killed us AGAIN, for the third time in 25 years, maybe we wait 40 years before bringing this up again.  Bloomberg is gonna run out of money someday soon, so...  " then there will be hope for us on this issue.

Their post game won't be that, I am thinking.  It will be ''we need to moderate, we went too far crazy-eye Left.  Gun control is fine, but we should tamp that down and concentrate on middle of the road stuff like Bill did.''

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