Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ginning up Racial Histrionics

Oh please. "Campus carry present unique threat to black student" Audacious assertions require a bit more justification than being something you pulled out of the back of your panties.

 Besides, I don't think anyone, black or white, has anything to fear from this guy's 'AK'.


B said...

I just tried to insert a mag backwards in an AK....I wasn't willing to force it and ruin the mag.

Just how did he do that (unless he used a hammer or something)

Comrade Misfit said...

So much derp in a single photograph.

Windy Wilson said...

But-but-but what if it jumps off his shoulder and goes running down the hall of some school building shooting people?

Windy Wilson said...

The black magazine backwards in a black rifle against a black shirt is why I didn't notice the backwarded-ness of the magazine at first. but perhaps it was intended as a finger in the eye of the hoplophobe anti-liberty gun grabbers, a sort of snicker for those who know?