Thursday, September 8, 2016


"If it doesn't have a classified header, I have no idea if it is a classified email!  Beside, I never got the training!  It's not my fault!"  Said Hillary, Parkinsonsly.

First of all, that's baloney.

Second of all, you don't even go to the terlet without Huma, and multiple other staff peons, whose jobs it is to be sure you don't dip any articles of clothing in the bowl or do something stupid like send Sid Blumenthal national secrets on both your Yahoo mail accounts.  Which, innocently and coincidentally, both have the same password:  "123456".  They didn't help you with that because you wanted to send those secrets in the clear, Cc: Putin, PLA, etc.

You're lying about this.  You know it, and I know it, but you are hoping you can fool enough people that they'll still vote for you and get you over the top.  Relying on the nod from the willingly self-delusional.

Hell of a way to run a railroad.  


Bob said...

Tam's correct in that we have been trained over the last few decades to vote the team, no matter how crappy the quarterback. Go team!

ProudHillbilly said...

I don't think her supporters care about her lying.

Windy Wilson said...

More useless than baloney. She can't hide behind the "Classified" fig leaf, in addition to whoever in her staff decides security, SHE HOLDS THE F*****G SECRET STAMP HERSELF. When Henry Kissinger was flying around applying Realpolitik he flew as Airforce One because then the airplane wasn't required to provide a passenger manifest. Even HIS SCHEDULE WAS SECRET, because it told something about his thoughts, intentions, plans, and techniques.
Hillarity was not some stupid G-1 file clerk, she was the agent of the leader of the free world. Second in command, if not second in line if the heart of the LOtFW stops beating.

The nation is in the best of hands. Top. Men.
And women, too, if Huma and her Queen (what is the correct term here? I'm not up on the latest slang) are any indication.

Windy Wilson said...

Bob, that would explain why over the last decade or so the media has chosen the opponent to the Dem candidate with greater care than a boxing promoter uses on his rising stars.