Thursday, September 15, 2016


This sort of thing has happened to me on a few occasions.

"I bought a Hi-Point for less that $200."

"Score!" I say.

"I shoot my Hi-Point very accurately."

"Well, it's a very good pistol!  If I wanted a classic 9mm it'd be high on my list!" I say.

"I love my Hi-Point."

"You know who designed that?  John Moses Browning! (pbuh)"  I say.

Then I realize I heard 'Hi-Power' in my head, when they said Hi-Point.  I hate it when that happens.  I really do. 

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Mike V. said...

For a $100 pot metal pistol, they're the most reliable I've seen. BUT, as I'm known to ask people, is that all your life is worth? $100? Seriously?

I know there are people who can't afford to spend much on a pistol, but there are gun shops here who still do lay-a-way. I encourage those folks to take that route and get a better pistol.