Thursday, March 30, 2017

Overheard at Work

Co-workers were noting that Oklahoma home invasion where a 23 year old dirt-napped three bad guy teens with an AR.  They were noticing internet comments sections were histrionic, commenters calling the victim defending himself a murderer.  Thought that was silly.

They went on...  More noticing.  You often hear about the dead bad guys family bemoaning that the victim didn't have to kill the bad guy.  But you never hear from the shooter.  Even with a good shoot fully justified, they still ended the life of 3 people.  No matter how deserving that will stay in the nightmares of most folks.  But nary a peep is heard.

Well, good guy, if smart, is keeping his trap shut, often under orders from an attorney.  Unless you are acquitted at trial months and months down the road, you don't want to give the DA an excuse, after promising no charges were forthcoming, to change his mind and renege.  And by the time a body is clear to talk about a shooting, the news media isn't interested.  It's News media, not ancient history media, after all.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Always figured that "The SOB desearved to be dead." would be an inappropriate response if ever involved in a shooting.