Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ain't you never heard of the Sullivan Act

"Oh, don't worry officer, we're married."

What is the oldest anti-gun law that applied to citizens of the United States of America?  I'm not counting that little dust up that lead to Lexington and Concord.  We were Brit Colonials then.  The Sullivan Act?

Well, actually, I think the Black Codes predate the Sullivan Act by decades.  So let's say 1870s.  It always comes back to keeping the black man down, doesn't it?  And this is legit, not like the made up 'micro-aggression' fad on our ivy coveredThere were restrictions on blacks before that, but there were much worse violations happening, too, that being able to strap on a hogleg and walk about unmolested was near the least of black people's worries.

Sure there were CCW restrictions before that.  But that was more social convention.  People feared nefarious intent, concealed but thought nothing of a seen firearm.  Nowadays people fear the deodand object and CCW is more socially 'proper'.  Out of sight, out of mind, for people with hoplophobia.  That why the "Open Carry, yes or no?" is better answered with a "Depends on where you live, and what folks around there are like."


I wonder if the country would have overlooked the civil rights implications of firearm ownership in the Civil Rights Act of the 1964 if the president hadn't been murdered by a milsurp rifle a year before.

The issue could have been solved back then, before I was born, and there would have been no need for a pro freedom movement now to right some wrongs.  For all citizens.  Here.  I am less concerned about the human rights plight of a Parisian, say, at this time.  We can push for a '2nd Amendment' in the UN charter after it is actually inviolate here at home.  Until then.


Old NFO said...

Good points... and I'm afraid this battle will continue after we're gone...

Windy Wilson said...

I think the battle continues because it epitomizes the two sides of the human soul. To be free and to control others.