Friday, May 30, 2014

Speaking of Only Ones

Speaking of Only Ones...

It's been years since the original incident was caught on camera of a police officer, Lee Paige, giving himself a racing stripe, or cop-leg, or an extra foot-hole, with his 'Glock Fohty' in front of a classroom full of kids.

Over-casualness or lack of safety consciousness has been common among the millions of police officers the world over for a long long time.  But thanks to the internet, this 'oopsie,' that was fortunately non fatal, got wide exposure.  In the eyes of non-law-enforcement, yes, but also within law enforcement itself.

I am wondering if police and prospective police that have now seen that in their web travels are now more careful...  If for no other reason than to avoid embarrassing themselves and getting (in)famous for their boner.  Don't want to be 'that guy'.

If the internet has contributed to generally better gun safety, then that one video may have done a world of good, serving as an example to others, and protecting cops and non cops both from harming themselves by internalizing a bit more caution.  Good.  The internet is better than Goofus and Gallant in modifying some behaviors for the better, perhaps.

(More folks are extending that little trigger finger in pictures these days, all over, than in decades past, too.)

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