Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Speaking of gun safes, from last Friday...

I got butthonholed by the people at GunBox at the NRA Convention.  It's a single pistol storage solution with some interesting features.

First, it doesn't LOOK like gun safe.  It could be a room de-ionizer.  Or a weird charging station.  It has 2 usb ports in the back you can use to power your iPad or other devices. 

You can screw it down to something, of course.

And it is a biometric device.  Now I know what you are saying.  Biometrics can be finicky, true. But it stores 100 different 'fingerprints'.  I would do that for 100 people, but I would do all my fingers, the pads of my hands, my palms... Any possible thing I might put on the safe in the dark to open it, and it doesn't matter if you put the print on sideways or upside down.  It alarms when a unrecognized user attempt to access it or jiggle the safe.  It also opens with the accompanying RFID wrist strap or finger ring. 

Starts at $300.  The GPS tracker model adds to the price.

It's an intriguing hide-in-plain-sight solution if you have kids in the house.


Speaking of gunsafes...  When I started blogging, the convnetional wisdom was that a electronic combo was the more secure option over the old style dial/mechanical combination lock.  There have been too many failures with electronic locks and too many known ways to hack them for my taste.  If I buy a BIG ol' 500 pounder someday as my primary safe, I'd get the dial-combo lock.

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Anonymous said...

I HAD an 800 pounder. Thought 'why bolt it down, it's 800 pounds!'

I was in error!