Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One more thing...

About this California Douchebag...  (I can't think of a better name for him.  But that's it, right?  It seems to describe him)

[and stupid lack of fodder after a weekend away...]

There is one thing about this case...  The Anti-Gun people piped up right away in their usual way.  And their way hasn't worked for over two decades except against themAnd it pushes those idiot few OC guys in Texas off the front page that was hurting us good guys a little.  And we are deep into election season with the bad guys reminding the world who they are.

So let them step on their own toes over a murdering fellow traveler in one of the most banny states in the country for a little while.  Go ahead, leftists.  Run on a gun ban in 14 and 16.

And hopefully I won't have to mention CD anymore.

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