Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oooooo, Thumper!

Nifty!  A new Thumper

You take your AR10, swap it for this upper, and you can fire 300 grain .45 caliber bullets loaded out of a neck up .308 parent case.  They're calling the new round the .45 Raptor.  Better than the .458 SOCOM.  Now you can go hunting with your AR!  And really, you only need to swap out the barrel.  The bolt is the same.

Wait a minnit.... if I have an AR10, and want to go hunting, why am I not just go using the .308/7.62 round? Save money by not buying an upper.

I like the idea of this.  It's neat an all.  But that old Jeff Cooper quote comes to mind:  "What's it for?"


joethefatman said...


That's what it's for.

Arthur said...

I could see the use of this as my current AR10 upper is the DPMS bull barrel super ultra long range special. That weighs 30 pounds.

If I had a 308 upper that I could actually walk around with then I agree - meh.

Old NFO said...

Yep solution in search of a problem... and $$$

Anonymous said...

I believe the answer to the Colonel's question was
to sell/buy!
This is still a capitalist free marketplace.
Get what you want and enjoy!