Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Strengths and Weaknesses

Anti-gun strengths:

  • While on parity now, money wise, they have the potential of pumping in HUGE quantities of cash from deep pockets
  • The Mainstream Media is liberal and in the tank for them.
  • Appeals to emotion.

Anti-gun weaknesses:

  • They are astroturf.  If you stop paying their spokespeople you'd never hear from them.
  • Their 'conventions' and gatherings are no fun at all.
  • ONLY appeals to emotion.
  • Luckily, few regular people care.  Most side against them if they do care.
  • When the Revolution comes...  they aren't armed.


Pro-gun strengths:

  • We are right and in the right, and the Bill of Rights is on our side.
  • The statistics are on our side.  We haven't absolutely proved that 'more guns means less crime' but the correlation is tremendous and we have definitely proved that 'more guns does not mean more crime/'
  • We have more money on our side in small donations.  
  • We are grassroots.
  • We are popularly supported because no American of any stripe likes to be told what to do. 
  • Gun ownership is widespread.

Pro-gun weaknesses:

  • We sometimes eat our young.  (See OC drama llamas and folks that are in the game for the money causing more problems than they are fixing.)
  • Overcoming hostile media propaganda and reach low-info voters is very difficult.
  • Both sides have crazies, but ours can be scarier because they are armed.

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