Thursday, May 8, 2014


My gunsmithing class scheduled for this weekend?  Postponed.  Poo!  Now I'm bummed.

Apparently, of the people that signed up, I am the only one that paid.  They need 5 folks in the class to justify it.  Totally understandable. 

Man it would have been nice to get a one on one instruction session.  I'd have paid double for that. 

I did pop for the Wilson ambidextrous safety, and installed it myself.  Just to see if I could.  And hey, it works.  And, hey, I can.  I didn't have the confidence last month to do that.  Initial function test dry firing is successful.  So in a way, the postponed class is good.  I get to take it to the range to test this change before the next class when more changes could happen.  I'd hate to try to diagnose a problem when 4 seperate things are different from the last working range trip.

It's different than the other ambi's out there.  A better link between the two halves with more surface area bearing on each other, and a catch on the 'right' side with the hammer pin instead of a little tab that goes under the grip panel.  That catch used to be a screw, but now is just a machined little 'nail head.'  Seems more fool proof.     


Old NFO said...

Nice, and hope they resked quickly!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah! I got the new dremel. This pistol isn't gonna ruin itself. I need that class to do that.