Sunday, May 25, 2014

Glowball Warmening

Sorry for the non gun content but I am away from my computer today and low on fodder earlier last week when I need to post ahead.

Catastrophic Anthropogenic Greenhouse Climate Change.

So I am stepping on Borepatch's toes, this is more his balliwick.

If we are wrong on Climate change, what's the worst that can happen?

-John 'Lurch' Kerry, Sec. State

Well, John, we could have megadeaths.  Not from the weather, but from our own governments.

All this global warming baloney, since the beginning, back in the 80s, never passed my smell test.  It was a solution (Worldwide Socialism) in search of a problem.  And they picked Global Warming when the coming Ice Age they were predicting 20 years prior proved to be a bit of a bust.

If someone came up with a liberty reinforcing and free market solution to counter any CO2 temperature forcings, the Leftists would drop the Global Warming cause like a hot lava hacky-sack. 

But we have actual real world evidence of what happens when you increase socialism...  DEATH.

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