Thursday, May 29, 2014

What If

What if I was still married and had kids.  Those 2 kids would be getting ready for college now.  Plus, raising them ain't cheap even before considering the cost of higher education.

But, a lot of my guns just sorta wandered into the gunsafe.  I didn't pay for them.  Or pay much for them.

A bunch of others were guns I wanted. Just because they are neat.  Not because I had a certain use for them. 

Then there was guns I had a use for and were overcome by events or I learned that my uses were better fulfilled with another model.  A Garand is a perfectly serviceable rifle and a joy to own.  But if you then get a M1A, that Garand becomes a second tier goto.

So.  If I had different financial straights I'd probably have to sell some.  Especially utilitarian stuff that doesn't fill a role or doesn't fill it anymore.

If I needed money for the rice-n-beans to feed the fambly, and get braces on the dog's teeth, and get the worm medicine for the Missus, and pay for a new roof on the oldest child I could pare back.  Ideally I'd have not gone up blind alleys, but sometimes you gotta pay for experience.   

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