Monday, May 5, 2014

Who says 'Reloading'?

In a gun fight, and now needs to cut it out?

Do folks doing race-gun stuff actually do that?  Unless there is something going on there I don't know about CCW folks usually train, and compete, singly, most of the time. 

So that leaves cops and soldiers.  People at a shootout with other people on their side.  And, yes, that seems to be the target audience for that site.  Police.

So, let me understand...  You, police officer, shoot 12+ shots at the bad guys.  You partner has shot or is shooting 12+ rounds at the bad guy, and shouting 'Reloading!' gives away too much tactically?  Or, you, solo cop, trained to shout it, do it automatically as part of your conditioning when all by your lonesome.

I may be off base, but this sounds like the fear the bad guy CHICOMS in Korea would hear your Garand clip PING.  With all that shooting, it's a wonder you'd hear anything.  My gut says this is a mythical event.

But it certainly wouldn't hurt not shouting it.  Just like it wouldn't have hurt if Garand clips were silent.  Just in case and all.  Not to ingrain any conditioned response of that nature into your regimen.  Like cops that look around for the brass can to dump their revolver's spent casings, just like they had to do in training.


Murphy's Law said...

The only time I announce anything about my weapon condition is if/when my machine gun jams. Then I'll call out a stoppage because I'd appreciate some covering fire while I fix it and I don't want my people moving up thinking that they're covered by my gun.

Keads said...

+1 on ML!

Keads said...

Oh, if you can hear the ping of the Garand? Well let just say its a bit quiet there. Not usually what they experienced.

Jerry The Geek said...


Speaking as an USPSA/IPSC competitor, yeah, I often compete in OPEN class which gives me 20+ rounds in the gun. I try to avoid reloading, but when I DO reload, I do it while I'm moving .. whether I need to or not.

When I'm shooting in LIMITED class, I have 17 rounds in the magazine. Same thing; if movement is required during the competitive stage, that's when I do it.

But in concealed carry ... if you have to reload, you're in deep shit. Find cover as soon as possible and hide out. Any kind of gunfight which lasts long enough that I have to reload my 8-round 1911 magazine (or even my backup 6-round .380 magazine)suggests that the Zombie Apocalypse has arrived.