Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mavrik Scram Pack

This was an intriguing backpack get up I saw at the NRAAM.   The Mavrik, from Red Rock.  But I can't find a link to this specific item anywhere.

That's it, exploded.  All zipped up it looks like a backpack.  Or a parachute.  And it has a hip belt.

Sort of the ultimate Go-Bag, with everything super easy to find.  Organize everything in the customizable pockets with the only thing 'loose' being a thin jacket or summat.  Socks, undies, gloves, and poncho could be in one of the pockets.  Very good for accessing your first aid stuff you might need in a hurry.

It's customizable.  All those little pouches are attached by velcro.  So one of those pouches can be a mini-Go-Bag if the small backpack proves too bulky somehow.

If you are allowed to carry in your office, this would nice in case of an active shooter.  Put a trauma plate in the bigger pouch and switch the pack around to the front.  That way, you can have your hand on your pistol in case you run into a bad guy and need to defend yourself quicklike.  But when you get out of the building and encounter law enforcement, you can raise your empty hands and not be shot my nervous cops that see a gun carrier come running out. 

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