Thursday, May 15, 2014

So, the well is dry

Got a lotta mileage out of the NRAAM for blog fodder.  It was a good time.  But I went in with easy to achieve goals.  Walk the floor once, meet new people.  Done and done.

If I go to one of these again I'm going to try to concentrate more on seminars. 

But now, I am bupkis again. 

An idea has been rolling around in my head.  But it hasn't fully gelled, and it's probably mere fantasy and totally an unworkable non-starter.

Democrats tend to be Leftist.  They are anti-gun.  They want to ban and confiscate firearms from a sizable proportion of the US public.  To ban guns they want a registry list.  There are a LOT of them.  And that pesky 2nd Amendment keeps getting in their way.

Also, heinous headline making mass shootings lately, while initially 'appearing' to the news media talking heads to be 'obviously' the work of a 'right-wing nutjob', after a little digging, if anything, the murderer tends to have leftist connections.

And, statistically speaking, very little of the shooting out there is right-wing on left-wing.  The majority of the killing is done by the left.  Statistically speaking.  Blue State on Blue State violence is the norm, sadly.

So...  My odd idea...  To make the perma-outrage left half of the country happy...  Amend the 2nd Amendment making it not apply to those murderous Leftists.  We already have registry lists of Democrat voters.  Order all of them to turn their guns in.  Or any other left of center political party. 

MILLIONS fewer gun owners!  Just like they want.   By their calculations, crime would go down, and it might.  If a Democrat needs protection they can always dial 911.  The freedom loving side of America will have a glut of surplus guns and ammo to perhaps buy up if they want.  It's win win!

If the Leftists then decide they made a horrible mistake, well, they can repeal the ban laws if they want.  It's just laws.  Not like it's a right that require Constitutional means to re-restore to them anymore.  At least for them it's not a right.  Right?

And if they decide that the ban on themselves worked so great that maybe now they can change things and make it apply to the right of center liberty loving half of the country and get a bun ban on them?  Come take those guns?  Well, they can certainly try to come and take them...

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