Monday, May 19, 2014

Challenge Coin

This is OldNFO's challenge coin.  It's a custom poker chip!  Neato.

I thought I had lost it, and there was no way I was going to admit that and ask for another one.  It was on my typewrite this whole time.  Along with 2 dollars.  Win.

Hey, 'Fo!  Where did you get this thing?  What's the outfit? 

On the obverse is his name and the fact he is retired Navy and left as a Lieutenant.  That means he is prior service.  A Mustang.  A sailor that joined the officer ranks.  It's a complicated ceremony involving blindfolds and paddles and lots of candles.  It's not easy turning a regular salt into a Gentleman.  It requires some magic.  The Darker Arts.

Or, he went in as an officer and somehow managed to stay in for 20+ years only get promoted twice.  Which in itself is a pretty neat trick.  To be that kind of a foul up and not get kicked out for that long. I tried that and the Navy noticed and sent me packing.  Two years. 

OldNFO is SO old that his phone number only has 6 digits.  Another neat trick.


Old NFO said...

I got it from Warrior Chip, run by a retired Gunny. And I was a Mustang, 11 years enlisted, 11 years commissioned...

Comrade Misfit said...

I was in for ten years and I never saw a challenge coin. Or heard of one. Or knew what it was.

I can guess where they came from, something along the lines of: "Hand these out, boys, in lieu of pay."

Jennifer said...

I've got one of those ;)