Monday, May 5, 2014

Thin Guns, Short Guns

I prefer the 1911 because it is thin.  One of many reasons, but that's a big one.  But I like to keep my options open and look around.  Double stacks just feel annoying in a IWB holster.  Wouldn't be a problem with a duty belt.  One thing about the Open Carry fans, OC is a lot more comfy.

This is the first XDs I've seen and handled.  And I've liked how XD regulars have shot for me in the past compared to other plastic guns.

The grip is a bit short.  But it is thin.  Luckily it was next the 1911 Springfield display.

Squared off at the front a bit on that XD, huh?  I wonder if a melt job would be something you'd want to do with an XD?  Naw.  Just don't carry it felony style. 

I like short guns, too.  Full size grips, but shorter barrels.  I used to be on a Commander size kick but there are fewer options out there for me there.  And you definitely need to keep on top of a Commander's recoil spring.  Why short guns in the IWB?  The 3/4 of an inch saves me from extra pressure on my sciatic nerve.  Anyhoo, my predilections toward shorter barreled pistols, plus my childhood worship of the .357 cartridge that still tickles the back of my mind, had me absolutely gaga over the Coonan in a Commander Size pistol.  Bigger brother present for scale.

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Mr Evilwrench said...

EDC a Para P12 IWB. It's the same width as a real 1911 but a double stack, and 3.5 barrel. Fits me just fine in my Crossbreed, ymmv.