Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Brass Catcher

 THIS was a neat little gun range accessory at the convention.  The Ammo-Up brass hooverer-upper.  Sure beats a broom and dust pan or a squeegee, like I've seen at all the indoor ranges I've been to.  If I owned a range THIS is what I'd use.  

Little fingers on the drum grab brass and dump them in its bin as it rolls along the floor.  They were constantly demonstrating it on the carpet in their booth and it seemed to work flawlessly.  They also had a version for shotgun shells.  I don't think it would work as well on grass, and I wondered how soon it would be before the finger wore out and stopped picking up stuff as well, but if it lasts a good while it should be at every range that can use it.

Starts at $495.


B said...

They work, And work well. And for a long time. Best on concrete less so on gravel. Okay on grass.

But the company is very proud of them and prices them accordingly.

Anonymous said...

B answered my question, generally.
I'm thinking dry desert with it's rocks, gravel, dirt and such not so good.

But a good effort!